Scarborough Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment

Scarborough Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment (SASAT) program is a coalition of professional agencies and committed volunteers serving the Scarborough community. Our mission is to promote maximum recovery from child sexual abuse. SASAT works to improve services for children, youth and families affected by sexual abuse.

    SASAT provides:

  • coordinated support and referral to treatment services for child and youth victims of sexual abuse, and their families;
  • services based in research and established best practice;
  • development and delivery of services utilizing member agencies;
  • services including referral to trauma assessments;
  • group treatment;
  • clinical consultation;
  • professional training;
  • information.

SASAT works to ensure that these services are responsive to the diverse needs of children and youth affected by sexual abuse.

SASAT's research and expertise reveal that immediate, continual, and highly specialized treatment and education are critically necessary in a victim's recovery from trauma. If left untreated, the effects of sexual abuse inhibit and undermine the processes of appropriate development, further victimizing the child for the rest of his/her lifetime. The results also show that the group treatment model used by SASAT helps to minimize the feelings of secrecy and isolation that result from sexual abuse.

SASAT offers a number of groups which are run dependent on the number of referrals and the availability of group leaders. SASAT groups are provided in various locations in Scarborough.

    Groups offered by SASAT (subject to change):

  • Healthy Boundaries Group for Parents and Children;
  • Support and Education Group for Allied Caregivers and Preschool Children;
  • Trauma Treatment Group for Older Teen Girls;
  • Treatment Group for Allied Caregivers and School-age Children;
  • Treatment Group for Young Teen Girls.

SASAT operates from Aisling Discoveries' Main Office at 325 Milner Avenue, Suite 110, Scarborough, ON M1B 5N1.

To access SASAT services, call 416-321-5464 or fax 416-321-1510.